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Letter from FOSP President Mary Ann Pogany

Oracle State Park Fall Event Update

We had a wonderful day at the Park's Fall Event. The weather was beautiful, the food delicious and the music was fabulous.

I'd like to thank all the Friends who volunteered for this event with a special thanks to Val Bembenek who worked for months to set up the hammermill including coordinating, training, bean picking, advertising, and working the day of from morning till evening. This was a huge effort and we couldnŐt have done it without her. Thank you Val!

I also want to thank Jenine May and Bob Elder and Charla and Kerby Wright for supporting Val at the Hammermill. You gave your time in training and worked so hard in the dusty mill!

Thank you Cindy Krupicka for coordinating the mesquite baking, and decorating the Friends table, bring coffee and prickly pear lemonade – it looked fantastic! Thanks to the following people for bringing baked goods, potted plants and picking beans for the Friends table: Pat Berkey, Val Bembenek, Cindy Krupicka, Nancy Lasse, and Pat Schifano. Thanks to Bill and Jean John, Pat Schifano and Cindy Krupicka for manning the booth. Thank you Stan Bembenek for taking photos. Thank you Pat Berkey for gate duty and Laurnene Frey for office duty. Thank you Bob, Jenine, Charla, Kerby and Cindy for helping set up the day before and to the same crew including Karl Pogany for tear down on Sunday. Please let me know if I forgot anyone.

Thank you to our Park rangers, Jennifer and Dale who worked so hard to put this event on.

Friends brought in $742 from milling and the Friends table. We will report in detail on the expenses versus income at our November meeting.

The total attendance through the gate was 223. Park revenue that day was $830, including gate fees, annual pass sales, gift-shop sales and donations.

We had a lot of out of town People not only from Tucson, but Scottsdale, Phoenix and Chandler, too. It was a great day and the Friends look forward to doing this again next year.

Photo credits (clockwise)
1. John Hernandez/CopperArea.com
2. Arizona Foothills Magazine
3-4. Karl Pogany
5. Oracle State Park