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NEWS UPDATE :: 10/14/13

Emergency Meeting Approves Kannally Ranch House Shutter Repair

On October 14, 2013, several FOSP Members met to vote on repair and refurbishment of the shutters at the Kannally Ranch House. The vote passed unanimously and, of those who were unable to attend, many emailed to say that they were in favor of FOSP covering the repairs as well. The following is the motion that passed:

  • The motion is to approve the proposal up to $7500 to include additional class 3 work if needed on shutters that show the most wear. This work will be determined by a walk around with the contractor and Mary Ann Pogany, President FOSP.
  • The next phase is for our park manager to get approval for the work.

Thank you all for your support and I think we will all be very pleased with the results.

– Mary Ann Pogany
FOSP President (through Nov. 2013)

Oracle State Park’s Kannally Ranch House & Visitor Center.