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One of the primary mission goals of the Friends of Oracle State Park is to help restore and maintain the historic Kannally Ranch house, gardens and grounds, in line with recognized historic preservation standards.

Some of the many projects completed with the help of the Friends include:

  • Refinishing and painting the doors and shutters on the house.
  • Landscaping the courtyards and patios.
  • Sanding and refinishing a bench hand carved by Lucile Kannally.
  • Erecting a large metal shed to safely store ranch artifacts.
  • Repairing damaged plaster.
  • Refinishing a carved combination bench/table.
  • Installing brick paving in the front plaza.
  • Furnishing draperies for the living room.
  • Providing volunteer gardeners for the grounds.
  • Painting the ranch house perimeter wall.
  • Sanding and refinishing floors on the office level.

Ongoing and future plans for repairs, maintenance and restoration include:

  • Exterminate the termites
  • Eliminate bat entry and clean rafters above living room
  • Repair window and shutter woodwork
  • Repair cracked plaster above living-room door
  • Install a solar power/pump at the animal waterhole
  • Outside Adobe wall paint – lime-base wash
  • Paint outside doors of the Ranch House
  • Paint homestead, cottage and tool shed
  • Repair waterlines and install a septic system at the Ranch House
  • Restore the Ranch windmill
  • Restore hand-painted paint in bathroom, solarium, bookcases
  • Archive photos, films, journals, and history to CD / DVD
  • Produce copies of archived materials for viewing
  • Professionally preserve the Kannally’s belongings (museum quality)
  • Restore the homestead / cottages (bedroom quarters) to original 1900s appearance

To volunteer your time or make a contribution toward these and other ongoing projects, please visit our Get Involved page.

To learn more about the history of the Kannally Ranch, click here.