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An all-volunteer, non-profit organization, the Friends of Oracle State Park plays a pivotal partnership role in helping to sustain the Park.

Here are some ways in which you can become involved:

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Make a Donation

FOSP is committed to raising one third of the Park’s yearly operating budget—or $21,000— to ensure its continued operation. We need your contributions, in cash or in kind. Every bit helps. Your generosity ensures that Oracle State Park is able to offer present and future generations the unheralded chance to enjoy, experience and learn about our unique desert wilderness.
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Become a Friends Volunteer

Whether you like to get your hands dirty or to talk to people or have office or other skills, your help is needed. As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on the talents of our members and friends. Visit the link below and then email us to let us know of your interest:
→ Click here to learn more about FOSP volunteer projects
→ Email us: FriendsOracleStatePark@gmail .com

Become an Oracle State Park Volunteer

Many FOSP volunteers also volunteer on Park educational and other activities, working closely with the Park’s Rangers.
→ Click Here to visit the Oracle State Park Volunteer Page.

Buy a Patio Brick

Commemorative Bricks make wonderful gifts or heartfelt memorials.
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Questions? Email us at: FriendsOracleStatePark@gmail .com or write to us at: FOSP, P.O. Box 1406, Oracle AZ 85623

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